Take your music to another level.
Add last touches to your mix and prepare it to be published and distribuite either in a digital format (Wav or Mp3) or physical (ex. CD, Vinyl, Tapes). In the last few years digital masters have become more diffused than analog masters.
Our studio uses the latest digital technologies in order to grant high quality and up-to-date sounding tracks, and always achieve the max loudness based on the material.
What we do to your mix
Mastering mainly consists on carving the balance created during the mix and trying to solve any problem left or added.
But we do a lot more than this, it’s a secret recipe!
Mastered for Itunes

“Mastered for iTunes” audio products have been mastered and quality-tested specifically for distribution to iTunes.
We are fully accredited with Apple as officially approved supplier for Mastered for iTunes.

Mastered for Vinyl
If your are going to release your track on vinyl we prepare it the be delivered to the pressing plant. Master for vinyl required special parameters such as SPL and EQ’s. and the whole mix need to be treat differently from a digital release. We follow the most strictly rules to be sure that your master will be always greatly accepted.
More control
So you want to have your track mastered and give it a powerful treatment too? Stem mastering is your service and it’s a great deal! We can use a little more control on your music, and it all starts with the creation of busses for groups of different instruments. We mix the busses together finding the right balance, solving those little mixing issues left unsolved and then mastering it all into one complete solid track. Stem mastering sits halfway between mixing and mastering. This way, it allows incredible results that have been impossible to obtain, until now.
Take your track to its greatest power
Our Creative Mix & Mastering service takes your sound to a whole other level. We’ll handle all of your tracks (up to 48) and get the best out of every single one of them, solving issues, giving great dynamics and enhancing the original groove.
And all you have to do is just to export your tracks, sit down and relax. (…or start writing another song!).
Why should I mix my track
If you are planning to make a career in the music world, want to release your own music to the public, and sell in a large scale, you need the most competitive sound quality. You should definitely consider to professionally mix your tracks.
Our method includes mastering as the last part of a mix, we really create a picture of the drop and breakdown parts and developer them in order to achieve the highest potential. This way we create a great dynamic mix with the most recent loudness levels.
Give consistence to your music
Our vision is to try to give consistence to your main sounds, so they can be compelling and deep. We also work in the psicoacoustic domain for achieve that.
We can make a subtle but solid mix or change drastically your sound in order to obtain an higly processed picture. That ‘s just your choice. All you need to do is communicate your vision and your goal.
Addictional Production
Not always tracks are ready to be mastered, sometimes something is missing or some part need to be replaced. We are here for taking care of your project and your music, and would love to adding everything it needs for creating a commercial banger, ready for being shared at higher levels.
All starts with auditioning your material and talking with you about your vision and final expectations. We can add drums programming, record real instruments played by our session musicians, right with us, in our studio, replacing sound and sound design.
Full Production
Several of our clients ask us to create a song from 0 to master, we would craft the sound with you and follow your expectations.
Copyright? No problem, we can sign a NDA, and Production Agreements ad hoc to make you feel safe.
All productions are secrets and not trackable. Bring the best results with our selection of session singer/songwriter/lyrics/musicians.
We want to talk with you and know you well, please contact us and let’s create a banger!