In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions made by our customers.

Where i can listen your work ?

Some of our work is available on our Youtube Channel or on our Spotify Playlist.

How do I know if my track is ready to be processed?

You can send us your track for a feedback and analysis, we will always be happy to hear your tunes!

Can I send you my own master?

Of course you can! Send us your master along with other files and describes us what you like and what you want to change.
The more information we have the more precise and effective we can be!

What's a review?

We always send you the master for auditioning and having a feedback from you. If you have any change in terms of volumes, sonic shape or other you can write us your consideration and so we will adjust the master and / or mix. This process is called Review.
During the review process we will send you the master with a fade out of 10 to 30 seconds for security reasons. When the work is finish we will send you the pack of master as you ordered.

What I should communicate to you for giving my vision?

Everything! I mean, if you are specific on your requests, we will be able to embrace your vision easier and be sure to deliver you what you expect.
Take care to describe us your feeling about your music and what’s really important for you!

How will you send me my masters?

Your master will be encoded in several different containers, as the industry standard ask Wav 24 and 16 bit depth, MP3 320kbps.

Can you send my track to a label?

We are associated with a big group of labels, so maybe we can do something, hit us a message and let’s see what happen!

Do you backup my files after work?

We keep all your files and projects in our main computer for 30 days. The computer is always backuped with Time Machine. So you have the time to go back and ask for reviews. After 30 days we move files into our external Hard Disks and keep there forever, your folder will be Zipped so, all audio files will be sumchecked by default. By the way, we know that drives can failures so, we keep the hard disks for 3 years and then backup them into brand new.
Basically your files will be stored forever.

Can I pay with Cryptocurrencies?

Of course, we would love to receive Bitcoin or Ethereum from you!
Want to pay with another Cryptocurrencies? Let us know.
Here’s our wallet addresses:
ETH: 0x72e52A19908a9af9a1F8C179aea279E78BC70E27

If you have any more questionsplease dont hesitate to contact us.