Quality Control Check (QCC)
At the end of the mastering process we perform the Quality Control Check (QCC). We follow the checklist to ensure every little detail is corrected. The QCC is performed by a separate engineer, and listen critically and technically the master.
Here’s the checklist we follow for every version of the master
For doing this we cycle the track 3 times:
  • Cycle 1 / Detailed listening

    We check the intro/outro, tails of sounds and any audio issue.

  • Cycle 2 / Visual confirm

    While listening, the second cycle uses also the visual confirm. Spectrum and meters, LUFS, and peak, in macro and micro dynamic, is under check.

  • Cycle 3 / Computational check

    We perform an analysis though professional software witch discover any clipped sample and inter-sample, average RMS and if there’s any error in the writing.
Mastered fo iTunes
A deeper checklist is done for the Mastered for Itunes version, but that’s a secret. That’s why Apples granted us the certification.